This page gives detailed instructions for using and making the most of your Premium Healthy Body Binder Printables. For general FAQs (such as how to open the zipped file that these printables come in), visit our FAQs page.

To edit and print these printables, download the printables and follow these instructions while on a desktop or laptop computer.

You can access your premium printables after purchase in your account here.

The Printables

The pages are numbered for easier reference. Most of the printables have editable fields which can be edited from a laptop or desktop computer, usage of which is explained below. If you wish to fill in the

printables manually (by hand as opposed to on the computer), then simply print them out (the fillable/editable fields themselves will not be printed–only any text that is placed in them).

  1. Covers
    Two cover styles are included. One is just a regular one, the other has an area to add your name. If using the editable one, open it up, add your name or some other custom text (toward bottom of page), then print out onto a piece of cardstock. Insert into the front sleeve of a view binder.
  2. Spines
    Four different sized spines are included. They are for: a 1/2″ binder, a 1″ binder, 1-1/2″ binder, and a 2″ binder. All are editable if you want; if you don’t want custom text added on them, just print as is. If you do wish to edit yours, open it up, add your name or other custom text. Then print onto a piece of cardstock. Cut just inside the lines and insert into the spine of your view binder.
  3. Menu Planner
    A worksheet to plan out your meals for the week. If you’re doing Trim Healthy Mama, you might like to also write each meal’s fuel type (S, E, FP, XO, etc.).
  4. Master Meals
    Write down all of your favorite meals, including their location (cookbook, online, Pinterest, recipe card, inside binder, etc.). You can optionally star rate each meal based on how much your family likes it or how many of your family likes it (for me, I do 5 stars if the kids and adults like it, 4 if just the adults like it, 3 if just the kids). And there’s a section to mark the meal for pressure/slow cooker friendly, freezer friendly (so you can make extra and freeze for future meals or freeze any leftovers), and quick friendly (for meals that are fast and easy for when you’re in a pinch). This sheet makes menu planning MUCH easier because you can look over these options and pick and choose.
  5. Recipes to Try
    Found a recipe somewhere like in a magazine or online that you want to try? Write its title and location on these sheets to keep track of them. Includes a star rating section so you can rate how well you liked that particular recipe and a section to mark it as pressure/slow cooker friendly, freezer friendly, or quick friendly (as in quick and easy for evening you’re need something fast).
  6. Shopping List
    A handy 8-1/2″ by 11″ sheet to write down all the stuff you need to get at the grocery store and beyond. Divided into departments.
  7. Food Inventory
    Keep a record of what you have in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. This assists with menu planning as well as helps in preventing food waste.
  8. Recipe Dividers
    Choose from pre-defined recipe dividers and editable ones to insert into your binder and keep recipes organized by category.
  9. Recipe Cards
    Print these onto white cardstock and cut them out (edit them on the computer or write on them once printed). Comes in 3″ x 5″ size and 4″ x 6″ to fit in most standard sized recipe boxes.
  10. Recipe Page
    Add your own recipe to a sheet of paper and insert into your kitchen binder.
  11. Tabs
    These editable tabs can be printed out on a sticker sheet, cut out, then folded in half along the edge of a sheet of paper or cardstock to create handy tabs to quickly access sections in your binder.

Helpful Products

  • View binder. A 3-ring view binder is what I recommend. Pick your favorite color and desired size!
  • Dividers. I like these sturdy plastic ones.
  • Sheet protectors. These are especially helpful to keep pages from getting dirty while using the recipes.
  • Blank notebook paper. Handy for writing notes, ideas, journaling, and more.
  • Pencil pouch. Useful for storing your tape measure, pens or pencils, calculator, and so on.
  • Circumference measure tape. Great for acquiring accurate body measurements.
  • Laminator. If you’d like to keep reusing a specific sheet, print it out onto cardstock then laminate it. Don’t forget extra laminating sheets!
  • Wet erase markers. To use with any sheets you laminate. These are the best markers for writing on laminated sheets as dry erase ones tend to stain the lamination.

Other Printables

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